We have been specializing in translation services since the 1990s. We offer classic translations and interpreting, as well as website translations and the creation of new text. Our goal is to exceed the customer's expectations - all texts are checked by a second linguist, which ensures their high quality. We approach our work with joy and our customers with a smile.

Translations and interpreting

We have been translating for years. We have several trained translators directly in our team and over the years of practice we have built up a wide network of reliable experts. We assign each task to a specialist in the given industry - technical texts are translated by experienced technicians, while advertising materials are translated by people with marketing experience. Our project managers are polyglots - they speak almost all European languages, so they can meet all the special requirements of each client.

SEO translations and creation of new texts

Quality SEO translation requires not only a translator but someone who has expertise in SEO tactics. It is necessary to take into account not only human readers but also to incorporate strategies to make the site more attractive to the search engine algorithm. In the area of SEO and website translation, we also provide other services, such as keyword analysis and the creation of new text concerning the given keywords, or the overall maintenance of the given website.

Post-editing and proofreading

Our principle is: "Use machines but don't count on them completely". We are not afraid of machine texts, but we never use them to replace human translation. However, the quality of machine translation has dramatically improved in recent years, and we want to keep up with the times. That is why we also offer post-editing services (i.e. proofreading of machine translation by humans). As the saying goes, "machines should work; people should think." We can also arrange the entire machine translation process. Post-editing is then always performed by experienced translators who are familiar with both languages. We make sure that the resulting text is of a quality indistinguishable from a classical translation.

Certified translations

We deliver certified translations or so-called "stamped translations" by the next day. We are also happy to advise you on precisely the type of stamp you need, as a certified translation system works differently in each country. The translation can be collected in Prague, or we can send it to you by post. A certified translation is needed if one has to submit official documents in another country. The correct court translation should include the original of the document (or a certified copy thereof), the translation and the translator's stamp.

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